David Wilson

Professor of Geography and Geographic Information Science
Professor of African American Studies
Professor of School of Earth, Society, and Environment
Center for Global Studies

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Specializations / Research Interest(s)

  • Political Economy of U.S. Cities



  • Wilson, David. Finding the New Urban Frontier: America's New Redevelopment Machine. book submitted for publication, 2014.

  • Wilson, David. Urban Inequalities Across the Globe. London: Routledge, 2014.

Book Contributions

  • Wilson, David. "Chicago's South-Side Blues-Scape: Creeping Commodification and Complex Human Response." Geographies of Privilege. London: Routledge, 2013.

  • Wilson, David. " America‚Äôs New Post Post-Industrial Economy." Cities in North America: A Critical Appraisal. Totowa: Rowman & Littlefield, 2013.

  • Wilson, David. "Obama's Discourse on Poverty." Discourses of Marginality: Marginalizing Discourses . Boston: Red Qualle, 2012.

Journal Articles

  • "The Global Trope Gets Troped." Geographica Helvetica forthcoming (2013):

  • "Changing Realities: the New Racialized Redevelopment Rhetoric in Chicago." Urban Geography 33 (2012): 979-999.

  • "Gentrification Across the Globe: Seven Speculations ." China Ancient City 8 (2012):

  • Wilson, David. "Introduction: Racialization and the U.S. City ." Urban Geography 33 (2012):

  • Wilson, David . "Updating the Global-Local Concept: A Review of Peck and Tickell ." Area 34 (2012): 71-83.

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