James Anderson

Affiliated Faculty of Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies
Professor of History
Professor of African American Studies
Center for Global Studies

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  • Anderson, James. No Sacrifice too Great: The Value of Education in the African American Experience. Boston: Beacon Press, 2008.

Book Contributions

  • Anderson, James. ""A Tale of Two Browns: Constitutional Equality and Unequal Education"." NSSE Yearbook, Part II. Ed. Arnetha F. Ball. 2006. 14-35.

Journal Articles

  • Anderson, James. ""Past Discrimination and Diversity: A Historical Context for Understanding Race and Affirmative Action"." Journal of Negro Education 76.3 (2007): 204-215.

  • Anderson, James. ""Race-Conscious Educational Policies Versus a 'Color-Blind Constitution': A Historical Perspective"." Educational Researcher 36.5 (2007): 249-257.

  • Anderson, James. ""Still Desegregated, Still Unequal: Lessons from Up North"." Educational Review 35.1 (2006):

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