Mark H Leff Phd.

Associate Professor of African American Studies

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  • Leff, Mark H. The Limits of Symbolic Reform: The New Deal and Taxation, 1933-1939. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1984.

Journal Articles

  • Leff, Mark H. ""Revisioning U.S. Political History"." American Historical Review 100 (1995): 829-53.

  • Leff, Mark H. ""The Politics of Sacrifice on the American Home Front in World War II"." Journal of American History 77.4 (1991): 1296-1318.

  • ""Taxing the 'Forgotten Man': The Politics of Social Security Finance in the New Deal"." Journal of American History 70.2 (1983): 359-381.

Website Articles

  • Leff, Mark H. ""Meet Mark Leff"." 26 Oct. 2011.

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