Mission Statement

Guided by the pillars of academic excellence and social responsibility, our mission aims to better acquaint others with the history and culture of African Americans, increase awareness of the African American Studies major as well as well as the opportunities which follow; use social action to guide members on their path to becoming effective citizens and leaders, and to beneficially impact the lives of both campus and community members.

Social Responsibility


To promote academic excellence and social responsibility. To increase the knowledge of the culture and history of African Americans. To promote the area of study. To beneficially impact the lives of African Americans, Students and the Black community.

Academic Excellence

How Can You Help?

We are currently looking for students who would like to join the organization to help achieve our common mission, aims and goals. We would like new members to contribute their creative interest and talents by volunteering to lead different activities within the organization.


AASSCC volunteers every third Saturday of the month and the Thursday preceeding the third Saturday at the local food pantry at St. Luke Church. St. Luke Food Pantry provides food to low income families free of charge.



  • Promote awareness of the African American Studies major and minor
  • Guide group leaders
  • Offer an academic plan and guide
  • Provide career information
  • Offer mentoring and tutoring
  • Aid in the search of scholarships and internships
  • Provide community service
  • Form and support cultural events on campus
  • Fund raise
  • Create and maintain friendships and networking
Join Us

Join us at: https://illinois.collegiatelink.net/organization/AASC

Like us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/AASSCC.UIUC/

Follow us on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/aasscc_uiuc

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